Protect Your Brand Image

Maintain the perceived value of your products by eliminating grey market sellers who violate MAP and often sell used, refurbished, or counterfeit goods.

Win Back Your Buy Box

Increase sales revenue for yourself or your authorized resellers by reducing Buy Box Loss Percentage from unauthorized third party vendors.

Reduce Chargebacks

Reduce your charge back fees from large vendors due to MAP pricing violations triggering price match guarantees.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Every customer receives a custom enforcement guarantee prior to signing. If we do not fulfill our guarantee after 90 days, you can opt out of the contract with no penalties.




Massive Removal Rates

Brand Alignment has the highest removal rates in the industry. This is due to their unique enforcement approach that contacts every individual seller.


Enforcement Guarantees

We understand the uncertainty involved in choosing a brand protection provider. That is why we offer a custom-made 90 day guarantee for all new clients. 


World-Class Techniques

Using Open-Source Intelligence techniques favored by the CIA and NSA, we identify unauthorized sellers and their product source at an extraordinary rate. 

What Our Customers Say

Tyler Howard - CFO - Speaqua Sound

The difference in our marketplace has been night and day since we started using Brand Alignment

VP of Sales - Pharmaceutical Brand

I had no idea how many unauthorized sellers we had before we began monitoring

Legal Counsel - Consumer Electronics Brand

Brand Alignment is the best!

What Will I Get During My Free Consultation?

During your free call, you will speak with one of our brand protection specialists who will ask questions and listen to your concerns. From this information we will recommend a plan of action and schedule a free demo of our software.

Brand Alignment vs The Competition

If you are new to shopping for a brand protection provider, it might be confusing to tell the difference between companies. It might sound like everybody offers the same type of enforcement. This could not be further from the truth.

Brand Alignment

  • Sends a Cease & Desist letter to every unauthorized seller on Amazon
  • Since 100% of all unauthorized sellers are contacted, Brand Alignment averages an 80%-90%+ Removal Rate
  • Uses hundreds of proprietary investigative techniques to identify personal information of sellers and supply chain sources
  • Uses a mix of proactive and reactive techniques to permanently remove grey market sellers

The Competition

  • Requires YOU to send a Cease & Desist letter only if YOU have the email of the unauthorized seller 
  • Since only a small percentage of unauthorized sellers are contacted, the competition averages a 10%-30% removal rate
  • Uses basic investigative techniques like Google searches or buying low quality lists in hopes of finding emails to send letters
  • Uses only reactive techniques to temporarily remove grey market sellers


When it comes to enforcement, Brand Alignment's record speaks for itself. We have achieved permanent results for brands ranging from small healthcare to billion-dollar consumer electronics. We do this by targeting EVERY seller for cease & desist letters, and then working with the brand to eliminate future inventory for all remaining stubborn sellers by creating Do Not Sell lists. 

How Does This Process Work?

First, we onboard all of your brand’s products into our database. During this process we match each ASIN or UPC with the correct marketplace URL and MAP price. This process can take 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of work involved.

Next, we begin monitoring your listings 24/7/365 for preliminary data. This is the data we will use to get the first glance at your marketplace. We will provide you with a real-time dashboard that displays the results.

Thirdly, we start sending three rounds of Cease & Desist letters using a Graduated Enforcement System that is proven to have an extremely high success rate. Sellers are contacted with 24 hours of appearing on monitored listing. 

Finally, for all remaining sellers we begin Open-Source Intelligence techniques to identify their personal information and the supply chain in which they acquired the product. During this phase we work closely with the brand to create a Do Not Sell list and offer suggestions for preventing future grey market sales.

What Is The Effectiveness?

Graduated Enforcement System

Rather than sending only one Cease & Desist letter to an unauthorized seller, we achieve major success rates by sending three letters ranging for a 1st Warning to a Final Warning. Expect anywhere from 60%-90% removal from this phase alone.

  • Electronic Cease & Desist Letters
  • Physical Cease & Desist Letters to Place of Residence or Business
  • Brand Registry Complaints and Copyright Infringement Complaints

Investigative and Proactive Approach

Our cutting-edge investigation using OSINT techniques used by the CIA and NSA allows us to identify sellers at a 95%+ success rate. 

Using this information we create a Do Not Sell list for your brand and your distributors to prevent your product from getting in the hands of unauthorized sellers.

  • Access to Our Investigative Results
  • Test Buys and Serial Number Tracing
  • Do Not Sell List Creation & Brand Protection Recommendations

Will Enforcement Work for My Brand?

In short, the answer is Yes. 

We have had our 80%-90%+ enforcement rates in every single industry we have worked in. That includes the following:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Apparel and Shoes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Mobile Phone Accessories
  • And More

As you are already aware, each industry has their own bells and whistles. Please contact us if you have any specific questions about enforcement in your industry.

Are There Any Risks Involved With Enforcement?

Brand Alignment gives the brand the option of using their own personal cease & desist letters or the option to customize Brand Alignment's proven high performance Cease & Desist letters. These letters were crafted by Intellectual Property lawyers with a full focus on minimizing liability.

Any infringement complaints filed by Brand Alignment are done with the utmost care and transparency. We do not file counterfeit complaints without test buys and approval from the brand. Our trademark complaints are done with caution and all bases covered.

Finally, in this world, anybody can sue anybody for anything. But it does not mean it will stand up in court. There is nothing we can do to prevent frivolous lawsuits from disgruntled sellers. However, we do everything we can to prepare you to have any case against you quickly dismissed. After two years in business, we are proud to say that neither us or any of our brands have had any legal issues of any kind related to our service.

More Features

Monitoring & Investigative Dashboard

You get access to our real-time dashboard containing hundreds of actionable KPIs that crawl your listings up to 8x a day for maximum accuracy. The dashboard includes an investigative section where you can check on our daily findings and learn more about your unauthorized sellers and their methods.

Dedicated Account Manager

At Brand Alignment, we take pride in our customer service. When you sign up for our enforcement plan, you get access to a dedicated account manager who becomes deeply familiar with your specific marketplace and leverages their experience and expertise to answer your questions and recommend best practices that will work for you.

Domestic and International Investigation

We understand that the larger your brand is, the more problems you have with parallel imports. We will work with you to learn about your international supply chain, identify leakages, and offer recommendations and Do Not Sell lists to proactively prevent grey market goods from appearing around the globe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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90 DAY


You are fully protected by our 100% Quality-Guarantee.

Every customer receives a custom enforcement guarantee prior to signing. If we do not fulfill our guarantee after 90 days, you can opt out of the contract with no penalties.

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