Online Brand Monitoring Services: Why Brand Protection Software Is Key

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Amazon is an incredible platform that has revolutionized not just the way we shop online, but the way we shop period, and similarly dominates the e-commerce landscape. With a value of one trillion dollars, it’s no wonder brands, companies and entrepreneurs do everything they can to dominate their own corner of Amazon.

However, it’s not all sunshine and roses. As a brand you’ll understand that you aren’t the only person in that corner. There are plenty of people willing to sell counterfeit products and hijack your listings. Not to mention secondary sellers willing to drive prices down so low that your brand loses value and integrity.

This is a problem many brands struggle to solve, and many simply don’t know it’s happening. Fortunately, there is something that can be done. Brand protection software and online brand monitoring services have been developed to help you manage your brand’s products on the Amazon Marketplace, even when you aren’t the seller. To help, here are the key reasons brand monitoring services will protect your success on Amazon:

Brand Monitoring Software Protects Your Brand’s Perception

If your brand is a premium brand in your industry or category, then you cannot afford to have unauthorized sellers selling at less than your minimum advertised price (MAP). Online brand monitoring services and brand protection software automatically tracks your brand’s products and prices anywhere on Amazon and will alert you if a seller violates your pricing policies.

It’s a Security System for Your Business

Online brand monitoring and protection software is like the security guard monitoring your warehouse or security system at home. You can go on with your life and your business knowing that you are protected and that you will be alerted if anything changes. You won’t have to manually check or pay an employee to do so – the software monitors your brand 24/7, 365 days a year.

It Protects What Amazon Won’t

Amazon does a lot to ensure its users are following the law. They also do their best to catch anyone doing anything illegal. However, there is only so much they are willing and able to do to protect you. They say “Violations of [distribution] agreements do not constitute intellectual property rights infringement. The enforcement of these agreements is a matter between the manufacturer and retailers.” In other words, unless someone is infringing on your IP, they won’t act.

That’s why online brand monitoring software and services are so important. They pick up where Amazon leaves off and documents and reacts to all violations recorded. Simply, it ensures your brand is protected where Amazon won’t, and manual monitoring can’t. Without it, your brand is vulnerable to sabotage from other sellers only looking to make money from your name. And they don’t care if they ruin it. Hence, to be truly successful on Amazon you need to protect your brand on all sides.

We’re Passionate About Brand Integrity and Longevity

Here at Brand Alignment, we are passionate about ensuring your brand is protected online. We offer you a completely tailored solution for monitoring and enforcing your policies. This ensures you have the highest success possible on Amazon. Our easy-to-navigate reporting dashboard gives you everything you need at a glance. We are real people with years of experience who will offer you real results. With us, you aren’t simply installing software, you get a full online brand monitoring service. Because of this, Brand Alignment should be your first choice in brand protection online. So, if you’re ready to find out more you can click here for information about our online brand protection software and services.