Full Suite Investigative Services

  • Our Features
  • Our Process
  • Our Results
Our Features

Our Amazon Investigative Services Demand Compliance To Your Brand's Pricing Policies. This Protects The Integrity Of Your Online Brand.

  • Unique Brand Protection Strategy Creation
  • Proactive Enforcement Solutions
  • Advanced Investigative Techniques Using Private Investigator Resources
  • Product Sourcing and Supply Chain Control
  • Much more...
Our Process

Our Full Suite Investigative Services process can be broken down into four simple and easy steps. First, we identify difficult & repeat offenders. Next, we verify unauthorized and counterfeit sellers. Thirdly, we perform in-depth seller investigation and identification techniques. And finally, we pursue unauthorized sellers via Amazon. In some cases there may also be legal options available. Because of this you always know what is happening with your brand.

  • Identify Difficult & Repeat Offenders
  • Verify Unauthorized Or Counterfeit Sellers
  • In-Depth Seller Investigation & Identification
  • Pursue Unauthorized Sellers Via Amazon or Legal Options
  • Much more...
Our Results

Brand protection is fairly simple when you get down to it. Either you stop the violator from selling your product through legal means or marketplace policies, or you stop them from obtaining the product in the first place. The latter is more time-consuming on the front-end, but the results later on will be extraordinary.

  • 95%+ Removal Rate
  • 95%+ Identification Rate
  • Long-term Improvement for the Brand
  • Peace of Mind
  • Much more...