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Shadow Hierarchy – The Infrastructure Behind Successful Grey Market Sales

  • 12:47 pm
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The biggest problem facing Amazon brands and even Amazon enforcement companies is that they do not know the true hierarchy of unauthorized sellers. They underestimate the intelligence of those that run these shadow operations. Most companies believe that unauthorized sellers work like this: Seller purchases product through an authorized...

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Why Doesn’t Amazon Care About MAP? (And What to Do About it?)

  • 12:34 pm
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It’s rare for Amazon to kick sellers off their platform; indeed, they want sellers who frequently sell to sell more! For Amazon, more transactions equate to more profits. It’s no longer just about total dollar amounts; it has become about increased order frequency and increased consumer dependence. Therefore, it...

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Advanced Brand Protection – Serial Numbering and Test Buying

  • 12:12 pm
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What do you do when your electronic Cease & Desist threats didn’t work? You need to find out who this unauthorized seller is, since it’s unlikely they use their full name or actual business name (although some do). The most obvious next step is a test buy. There are...

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Brand Enforcement Tips – Multiple Sellers Same Listing

Don’t Fall For Common Unauthorized Seller Tricks! Are you looking for brand enforcement tips? Here’s a good one that isn’t so well known: First, you need to think like an unauthorized seller. If you don’t have any ethics, why would you share 50% of the Buy Box when you...

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Amazon MAP Policy Enforcement: Why They Don’t Care

“Amazon respects a manufacturer’s right to enter into exclusive distribution agreements for its products. However, violations of such agreements do not constitute intellectual property rights infringement. As the enforcement of these agreements is a matter between the manufacturer and the retailers.” The above statement is an excerpt from Amazon’s...

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7 MAP Pricing Enforcement Techniques For Amazon Brand Protection

Why MAP Pricing Enforcement? In the online retail space, there will always be sellers violating your MAP policies. The question that arises is ‘Why does my brand need MAP Pricing Enforcement?’ The answer is simple, without MAP enforcement brand violations will continue to increase and brand perception will plummet....

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Online Brand Monitoring Services: Why Brand Protection Software Is Key

Amazon is an incredible platform that has revolutionized not just the way we shop online, but the way we shop period, and similarly dominates the e-commerce landscape. With a value of one trillion dollars, it’s no wonder brands, companies and entrepreneurs do everything they can to dominate their own...

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Brand Violators & Unauthorized Sellers: A Preventative Approach

In A Perfect World… In an ideal marketplace there would be no need for monitoring and enforcing your Brand’s MAP policy. Brand violators and unauthorized sellers simply wouldn’t exist. All Amazon sellers would abide by the guidelines and sales strategies would work as planned. However, this isn’t a perfect...

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MAP Enforcement: Gauging ROI Through Brand Perception

When taking on new initiatives like MAP Enforcement, it always important to establish how you are going to measure the success that comes from it. With new initiatives also comes new investment and the age-old question will usually arise; “How fast will I see a return on investment?” One...