Looking For The Highest Possible MAP Protection For Your Brand?

We Provide Unsurpassed Amazon MAP Monitoring & Enforcement For Brands That Want To See A Night-And-Day Difference In Their Revenues 

Get Unmatched Protection On Amazon, Walmart And 200+ Other Marketplaces

  • MAP Monitoring & Reporting Dashboard
  • MAP Pricing
  • Authorized Seller Management
  • Full Suite Investigative Services
MAP Monitoring & Reporting Dashboard

Our easy-to-use dashboard saves you countless hours and headaches with to-the-minute monitoring. Get detailed violation data all in one place with advanced customization tailor-fitted to your brand's unique brand protection needs.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Inventory Totals by Seller
  • Multiple Updates per Day
  • Unlimited Users
  • Insightful KPIs
24/7 MAP Enforcement

Our nonstop MAP monitoring & enforcement doesn’t let a single violator fall through the cracks, letting you rest easy. We immediately take action to remove violators before they have the chance to hurt your brand.

  • Extraordinary Removal Rates - 88% Amazon, 80% Walmart
  • Graduated Enforcement System
  • Create Authorized Seller Lists
  • Cease & Desist Letters Written by Legal Professionals
  • See Real-Time Enforcement Results on Your Dashboard
Authorized Seller Management

Eliminate all surprises with your authorized sales channels and ensure MAP and UPP pricing compliance at all times. We monitor pricing 24 times a day on the most important marketplaces and alert you when an authorized seller causes price cascading - with screenshots as proof!

  • Instant Email Alerts
  • First Mover Identification - Price Cascading
  • Screenshots Included As Evidence
  • Price Updates Every Hour
  • Much More!
Full Suite Investigative Services

We use world-class intelligence techniques favored by the CIA and NSA to uncover the most difficult-to-find unauthorized sellers. Let us investigate either individual sellers or your entire marketplace so that no violator ever slips by unnoticed again.

  • Advanced Private Investigator Techniques
  • Access to Legal Resources
  • International Inventory Tracking
  • 90%+ Identification Rate
  • Simply the Best in the Industry


Total Inventory Value $ Removed


Inventory Units Removed


Overall Amazon Removal %


Overall Walmart Removal %

Stop MAP Violators From Ruining Your Brand.

Your brand shouldn’t be a victim to the unauthorized sellers, counterfeiters, and listing piggy-backers that swarm online markets. We’ll put an immediate stop to the damage so that you can:

  • - Save Countless Hours Monitoring Your Listings
  • - Protect The Value & Image Of Your Brand
  • - Keep Your Margins As High As Possible
  • - Maximize Your Revenue & Growth

Your brand deserves the very best protection - that’s why we take every possible measure to provide it.

Permanent Results For Brands Of All Sizes.

We stop at nothing to provide a tailor-made monitoring and enforcement plan that produces incredible results for your unique brand.

Our proprietary software, proven practices and pinpoint insights ensure maximum protection for everyone from small healthcare to billion-dollar consumer electronics companies.

If you have a product that matters, then contact us to guarantee it gets the highest level of treatment available anywhere - period.

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Advanced Brand Protection Brand Alignment

Why Brand Alignment Is The Ultimate In Brand Protection

Can’t afford to take any risks with your brand? Have too much at stake to deal with price cascading, brand erosion and sales channel headaches? 

Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 services give your brand the platinum-level protection it deserves. Our advanced monitoring and enforcement plans are unmatched in the industry and designed for companies that want nothing less than the very best protection.

Our Tier 1 monitoring and enforcement plan brings removal rates ranging from 60%-100% depending on your brand and the structure of your supply chain and distribution.

Our Tier 2 is much more advanced and hands-on. Again depending on many factors such as industry, price points, distribution methods, etc. the success rate ranges from 85%-100%.

Wondering what’s possible for your specific brand? Want to uncover the ROI from switching to a premium protection provider? 

Here are a few questions that may paint a surprising picture on what subpar brand protection is actually costing you:

How much money am I or my authorized channel losing from unauthorized sellers each month?

How much money is my authorized channel losing from authorized sellers violating MAP each month? This you may not know until you begin our monitoring service.

How can I quantify my losses from eroding brand integrity and unhappy authorized channels?

Do my products have a large wholesale network, or is most of my distribution handled in-house?

Is my brand’s inventory liquidated in large quantities?

Do we have serial numbering on our products?

Depending on your answers, the true costs of MAP violations may be too steep to pay. Contact us to discover how we can put together an extremely effective protection plan that puts the control back in your hands.

Your Brand Is Too Important For Subpar MAP Protection.

Ready to guarantee the very best protection for your brand? Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow without a single violation worry.