Over 200+ Marketplaces Monitored Including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and More

MAP Monitoring

Easy-to-use dashboard saves you countless hours and headaches with real-time monitoring.


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MAP Enforcement

Non-stop MAP enforcement doesn’t let a single violator fall through the cracks.


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Seller Investigation

World-class OSINT investigation to identify sellers and the source of their inventory.


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Personalized MAP Monitoring Solutions

We understand that every brand's needs are different. Your need might be different because your supply chain is different, or your authorized channels are different, or for a variety of other reasons. Because of this, we focus on each solution being personalized for each brand.

Our consultation process listens carefully to your concerns and crafts a custom plan that solves your pain points and brings the results that you and your brand are looking for.

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Total Inventory Value Removed


Inventory Units Removed


Overall Amazon Removal Rate


Overall Walmart Removal Rate

Enforcement with a Focus on Results

MAP Enforcement is our claim to fame and we take it very seriously. While the majority of solutions provide you a dashboard with minimal results, we aim for sky high removal rates.

No enforcement solution is the same. To produce results, we need to learn about your business and how your supply chain works. From there, we provide a host of solutions including electronic and physical cease & desist letters, domestic and international investigation, and serial number tracing to paint a picture of what is causing your grey market trade.

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Meet Our Legal Partner

We are proud to partner with ThornCrest Law who provides legal services to brands including crafting of distribution agreements, cease & desist letters, and legal enforcement.

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